American Heart Association teams up with Life is Why in Catawba County to bring CPR kits to local schools

Hickory, NC—January 13, 2017— The American Heart Association has teamed up with Catawba County’s

Life is Why sponsor, the Lackey Family and Café Rule, to distribute CPR kits to local schools. Twenty-one

CPR in Schools kits will be distributed to eleven middle and high schools in three school districts- Catawba

County, Newton-Conover, and Hickory Public Schools- at a 2 p.m. presentation on Thursday, February 9, 2017

at Arndt Middle School.


This initiative is important in helping these school systems fulfill the requirement for every senior to learn CPR

before graduation. CPR is generally taught at the eighth-grade level, and it is the reason the AHA and the

Lackey family are providing these CPR kits to local middle and some high schools. According to the AHA,

training the youth in CPR is vital because cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death, but quick CPR can double

or triple a victim’s chance of survival.


“It was really important to us to make sure that every student in Catawba County has access to CPR training,”

says Bob Lackey. “With these kits, students will learn skills that will equip them to someday save the lives of a

parent, grandparent or other family member.”


The CPR kits include ten Mini Anne Plus® inflatable manikins, DVDs to provide additional training for the

students, and training manuals for the teachers. These kits are specifically designed to be fun and interactive to

engage the students in learning CPR within a school setting.


H.M. Arndt Middle School, Jacobs Fork Middle School, Maiden Middle School, Mill Creek Middle School,

River Bend Middle School, Newton-Conover Middle School, Grandview and Northview Middle Schools,

Newton-Conover High School, Discover High School and Hickory High School are the eleven schools that will

be receiving the 21 CPR kits. The kits allow students and teachers to learn in a new and innovative way,

allowing our communities to have more qualified lifesavers. Kids can learn these lifesaving skills in only one

class. The kits are reusable and can be used to train thousands of students and teachers. To find out more about

CPR in Schools and what the CPR kits include visit


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